Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oxdisc at Essex

Three oxdisc-ers (Andy, Ben & Chris) went to the Essex Open this weekend.

Chris stormed the Int. Ams with a consistent set of good rounds. His six hole final didn't go so well - though a comfortable lead and awesome caddies (Andy and Ben) meant he still came out on top.

Ben was playing rubbish disc golf, throwing the cornerstone of his game (a 'perfect' roc) into a lake after 4 holes. Andy got a birdie on some hole and then; umm… other things happened.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun. Good chats, beer and disc golf. We're unlikely to make the next tournament (on the isle of Mull) - so it's back to the oxdisc summer league till June!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interested in playing disc golf?

So you want to know more about disc golf? Well, here's a video from a couple of years back that gives you more info on the sport:

In Oxford we play on Sundays throughout the year. We tee off at 10am, so get there about 10 minutes early. During summertime, we also play on Wednesdays, teeing off at 6.30pm. If you want to come and try it out, email Andy ( beforehand to be sure someone will be there, and so we can bring some spare discs for you to try out. We meet in Headington Hill car park.

If you get keen, there's a UK tour and plenty of other courses around the UK. Quarry Park in Leamington Spa is the best disc golf facility in the UK, and only just up the road.

Here's another that shows you what a full-on championship tournament is like: