Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Download the spreadsheet (link above) and you'll see that finally, I made it into a negative score: as league organiser, I feel it should be mandatory that I end up with a good score. If not, then surely it's a failure that I didn't skew the rules in my favour enough.

I had a great second round in HH tonight. Nothing special, really, but nothing went wrong. Steady and with a couple of good twos. I recovered from a horrendous drive on HH12 with a lovely second shot, S-bending past the big trees and tracking alongside the path-side trees to make for a safe finish. That felt nice.

As did a 67-pace approach on SP10. Throw. Bang. Hit the tree.

Enough of me, the night belonged to Steve. HH11. Throw.

"wow, that's straight."

"Really straight."

" It's so straight, it might just..."

"Ohmigod, he's aced it."

Nice one Steve. Second ace of the summer, on the same hole as Mike.

Here's the scores:

Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -19
2 Mike -6
3 Neal -2
4 Andy -1
5 Rob 0
6 Bud 8
7 Steve 19
8 George 20
9 Pete 26

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The longest day....
And it felt pretty long for me. OB5 on Railing Bank. Bud drove first, and we all were convinced it was OB. I then did something pretty similar, obviously inspired by Bud's display. The gutting thing is, his disc turned out to not be OB, but mine was. Grrr.

For me, it was a night of letting go of the disc at the wrong time on every drive. Too early, too late, it shot all over the place.

Bud shot a lovely 36. But was the putt on the last hole, for a 3, a falling putt? We think it was, but only Mike saw it. Let off this time, Bud!

Here's the standings:
Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -17
2 Mike -6
3 Neal -2
4 Rob 0
5 Bud 8
6 Andy 11
7 George 20
8 Steve 24
9 Pete 26

People are now getting to the stage where a good round contributes double - not only is it good for your score, it also knocks another bad score off the bottom. So, Mike's making good ground on Jonny.

Now, if only I could shoot something under a bloomin' 42, I'd be happy.

Spreadsheet is updated for your pleasure.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

This boy Jonny is unstoppable. A course record 34 on HH?

And, we got it. THE FIRST ACE OF THE LEAGUE! Well done, Mike on HH11. Here's the scores, making it look a little one-sided...

Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -17
2 Mike -4
3 Rob 0
4 Neal 1
5 Andy 11
6 Bud 16
7 George 20
8 Pete 22
9 Steve 24

Congrats Jonny.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi all,
No image to upload this week, just the table:































Jonny continues his streak with another great round. It's looking hard to beat him. I'm kicking myself for turning a nice potential 38 into a 41 on the 11th hole in SP. I haven't spooned that hole for a while, but I was all over the shop. Grrr.

Still waiting for our first ace of the league....

The complete spreadsheet is here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oxdisc 11th June

summer-league, originally uploaded by gravyanecdote.

Here's this week's action (almost: I'm missing the final round's play).

Great rounds from Jonny and Mike. Jonny got a 35, using only a Comet, on Headington Hill, which is ridiculously good. He also had a relatively easy putt on SP12 for a 35, but blew it and double putted. Still, even double-putting gave him a round of 37 which is no bad thing.

The rest of us were inconsistent!

You can download the WHOLE spreadsheet by clicking here. (don't worry about the macros, they are perfectly safe). In fact, can you let me know if this is an easier thing to do? It's easier for me to just upload the whole spreadsheet; this snapshot thing is a pain in the ass. I may just move this whole blog to my home site... Let me know what you think...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Oxdisc 5th June

Oxdisc 5th June, originally uploaded by gravyanecdote.

Mike's the first to break through the ten rounds, and on his current form, he'll be lopping off his bad rounds to beging improving pretty quickly.