Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Download the spreadsheet (link above) and you'll see that finally, I made it into a negative score: as league organiser, I feel it should be mandatory that I end up with a good score. If not, then surely it's a failure that I didn't skew the rules in my favour enough.

I had a great second round in HH tonight. Nothing special, really, but nothing went wrong. Steady and with a couple of good twos. I recovered from a horrendous drive on HH12 with a lovely second shot, S-bending past the big trees and tracking alongside the path-side trees to make for a safe finish. That felt nice.

As did a 67-pace approach on SP10. Throw. Bang. Hit the tree.

Enough of me, the night belonged to Steve. HH11. Throw.

"wow, that's straight."

"Really straight."

" It's so straight, it might just..."

"Ohmigod, he's aced it."

Nice one Steve. Second ace of the summer, on the same hole as Mike.

Here's the scores:

Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -19
2 Mike -6
3 Neal -2
4 Andy -1
5 Rob 0
6 Bud 8
7 Steve 19
8 George 20
9 Pete 26

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