Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The longest day....
And it felt pretty long for me. OB5 on Railing Bank. Bud drove first, and we all were convinced it was OB. I then did something pretty similar, obviously inspired by Bud's display. The gutting thing is, his disc turned out to not be OB, but mine was. Grrr.

For me, it was a night of letting go of the disc at the wrong time on every drive. Too early, too late, it shot all over the place.

Bud shot a lovely 36. But was the putt on the last hole, for a 3, a falling putt? We think it was, but only Mike saw it. Let off this time, Bud!

Here's the standings:
Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -17
2 Mike -6
3 Neal -2
4 Rob 0
5 Bud 8
6 Andy 11
7 George 20
8 Steve 24
9 Pete 26

People are now getting to the stage where a good round contributes double - not only is it good for your score, it also knocks another bad score off the bottom. So, Mike's making good ground on Jonny.

Now, if only I could shoot something under a bloomin' 42, I'd be happy.

Spreadsheet is updated for your pleasure.

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