Monday, October 30, 2006

The end!

It's over!

A great last day's play saw six of us out to see the end of the league. The arrival of Travis ensured that some cash was wagered on the rounds, just to make things more interesting.

And the weather! It was roasting. A wonderful end to the day.

Congratulations to Jonny, who played well the whole summer and deserved his victory. Here are the results:

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best
Jonny Morris
George Aslett
Neal Graneau
Andy Cotgreave
Mike Ekers
Steve Pearce
Bud Tilton
Pete C
Dean Harvey

Nice one!

And next year..... well, we all have some pretty accurate handicaps, so it should be a tight league next year. Anyone can win! We will have two pars, one for each course, so there won't be such an advantage on Headington Hill, either.

See you next year!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

All set for the finale

In two weeks, it all comes to an end. Next week, it looks like Oxdisc are heading en masse to Quarry Park, which means that Sunday 29th is the last chance for anyone to change places.

Looks like Jonny has it wrapped up. George is pretty safe, but two good rounds from Neal could changes things around. Likewise, a good show from me and I can sneak third place.

Full print outs and stats will be with us on the 29th! See you there for golf and food.

One thing to note - take a look at your averages - this is the starting point for next year's handicap!

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge
Jonny Morris -36 39 39 38.67
George Aslett -26 44 40 40.34
Neal Graneau -22 30 43 42.97
Andy Cotgreave -20 43 40 41.60
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91
Steve Pearce -15 32 43 45.25
Bud Tilton -10 27 38 39.04
Pete C -9 29 47 48.48
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80

Monday, October 09, 2006

George comes good, right at the end

Only three weeks to go, and George goes and posts his greatest SP round - a massive 35. PB and it equals the best round this summer in South Park. Nice one.

That draws him three points closer to Jonny with only three Sundays left; that's just six or seven more rounds for George to go for it.

THe scores:
FirstName: LastName: Points
Jonny Morris -36
George Aslett -26
Neal Graneau -22
Andy Cotgreave -18
Mike Ekers -17
Steve Pearce -15
Bud Tilton -10
Pete C -9
Dean Harvey 18

The thing is, I think George has to get three more rounds of 35 to equal Jonny. Which just goes to show how good a summer Jonny has had...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blimey I am awful

A shocking pair of rounds for me. 44 in Headington Hill and in South Park.

Terrible! How would I love to blame the squally weather, the rain, the state of my discs, the muddy tees, the bad etiquette of the others, the snappy dogs, the moving trees, the fog, my bad cold, my false leg, the enhanced gravity, or the crowds of people grabbing my discs and moving them.

No, it was all down to me being rubbish. I can't even blame the mojitos I drank last night. It was just plain poor.

Here's the standings:
FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds
Jonny Morris -36 35
George Aslett -23 40
Neal Graneau -22 28
Andy Cotgreave -18 40
Mike Ekers -17 34
Steve Pearce -15 28
Bud Tilton -10 27
Pete C -5 25
Dean Harvey 18 10

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oxdisc player does well out of town, shock!

No golf for me, this weekend, I was up at Burnlaw where I reaped the rewards of much golf over the summer and an absurd amount of putting practise in my back garden.

I came second in the Ams! Yay! And what was great was that I came to the end of the tourny and could look back on four rounds + a final and only identify a handful of duff shots, so it was a pretty satisfying result.

Great course and venue, too. Lots of fun.

Meanwhile, South Park and Headington kept people happy at home. George is solidifying his number two spot, and has been playing some good golf in the last couple of weeks. Not sure I'll be able to catch him, but I'll see what I can do!

Here's your standings:

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best
Jonny Morris -36 33 39 38.67 37.94 34.00 39.44 35.00
George Aslett -23 40 40 40.40 39.58 37.00 41.14 38.00
Neal Graneau -22 28 43 43.04 42.33 40.00 43.85 40.00
Andy Cotgreave -18 38 40 41.53 40.75 36.00 42.39 38.00
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91 39.22 35.00 40.69 38.00
Steve Pearce -15 27 43 45.07 43.79 38.00 46.46 42.00
Bud Tilton -10 27 38 39.04 38.15 35.00 39.86 37.00
Pete C -5 24 47 48.42 48.71 43.00 48.00 45.00
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80 44.00 42.00 45.33 41.00

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No more summer :-(

George and I struggled in fading light tonight to finish a round by 7.30. That's it then, no more golf on a Wednesday evening. Not that can count for the summer league, anyway.

But what a round we had. Mainly because it became a wonderful example of psychology. I led early, but stumbled a little in the middle. George played well and steadily, and after hole 10 on HH was on par. A fine position to be in.

On the 11th tee (easiest hole in the park?) he mentioned how great a two would be. Because that would set up the final hole (the hardest) well, and give him the cushion of an easy ride on the last hole to still get a good score. Fair enough - it's a fine statement, but really, don't say such things when you're stood on a tee!

The first bit went well enough. The drive on the 11th went very well, and George set up for an easy 2, which he got, to put him one under on the 12th tee. It's all going to plan.

Only to see him drive into a tree about 15 foot from the tee on the 12th. I have never seen anyone hit that tree, and you couldn't really throw a shorter drive. The next shot was no better, ending up in a ditch with no view of the hole. Third shot? A roller which started well but turned away from the hole and ended up behind a huge oak. Fourth shot was great, and he took an acceptable, but OH SO FRUSTRATING five for a 37. 37 is still great, but the lesson is: NEVER verbalise what you're thinking. You curse it!

Anyway, I'm back from holiday. Thanks to Jonny for taking the helm while I was away. George's 37 has done him some good, but Neal can easily pip him. Here's the standings:

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best
Jonny Morris -36 31 39 38.68 37.94 34.00 39.57 35.00
George Aslett -23 38 40 40.42 39.58 37.00 41.26 38.00
Neal Graneau -22 28 43 43.04 42.33 40.00 43.85 40.00
Andy Cotgreave -18 38 40 41.53 40.75 36.00 42.39 38.00
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91 39.22 35.00 40.69 38.00
Steve Pearce -15 26 43 45.15 43.79 38.00 46.75 42.00
Bud Tilton -10 26 38 39.04 38.15 35.00 39.92 37.00
Pete C -3 23 47 48.52 48.92 43.00 48.00 45.00
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80 44.00 42.00 45.33 41.00

And I have uploaded the new version of the database and spreadsheet for you all to enjoy.


Friday, September 15, 2006

League update

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of posts over the past week or so. I have moved house and amazingly Orange are unable to reconnect my home broadband for 2 to 3 weeks! Surely it just involves changing one setting somewhere! Very tedious.

So anyway I'm doing this from work, having first reassembled my home PC to update the database. Quite a few scores to add in, and I am pleased to say that most people have made some progress. I'm also unhappy to say that I haven't! )-:

There's a real scrap on for 2nd place with George and Neal currently level on -22. Steve has also had a useful score or two and could well nip in front of Mike and start to challenge Andy with another decent round. Bud, Pete, Dean - come on guys! Time to step up a gear! Not much time left....


LastName:PointsNum roundsPar:Avge

Congratulations to Pete who has this week made it into negative points - nice one!

That's all from me, editorial control goes back to the Cotgroover next week. I don't expect many people will be out on Sunday - although I think Bud is planning to be there. Neal is in the U.S. and George, Steve, Andy and probably Jonny will be at the Abergavenny Food Festival ..... yum yum!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A very windy pair of rounds

Very challenging today but great fun. Given the conditions, an excellent 37 from Mr Tilton in South Park was clearly the round of the day. However, in terms of the league check out Dr Graneau in the ascendance! Neal's 40 in Headington Hill toady earning him a very handy three points.

It should be noted that the table below incldes three rounds of Neals which were not included in my last post. Also Pete I have had to change the two scores you gave me verbally for Sunday 27/8 as they were slightly different to Neal's recorded scores for you (of SP49 & HH52).

Apologies Andy for the poor HTML here!


LastName:PointsNum roundsPar:Avge

I won't be around on Wednesday this week. Text or email me the scores and I'll update the table.

In case you want to know, you need to equal or better the following scores if you want to earn league points as of today: Andy [39], Bud [38], Jonny [36], George [38], Steve [43], Dean [54], Pete [47], Neal [41].

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Slow going

Caretaker Jonny here while Andy is on holiday. Not much in the way of change as regards the summer league after tonight's scores (Neal - still awaiting your scores from Sunday!). I'm afraid I can't quite run to updating the database and spreadsheet links at the top of the page, but the table looks very similar to last week - as follows:

FirstName:LastName:PointsNum roundsPar:Avge

Nice to see Travis out with us in Headington Hill. We were treated to some classic Trav overarm, including the highly weird and spectacular spirally shot which goes for miles. Nice one!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The end is nigh....

(this is the second post I have made today - don't forget to read them both)

With September around the corner, Wednesday nights are going to end. As soon as the 6.30 round is unplayable, 5.30 rounds will also not count.

I announced that the summer league would end when the clocks go back. That is Sunday October 29th. I think I had said that the last eligible weekend would be the weekend before, but I hereby announce that the last eligible rounds will be on October 29th, followed by lunch and prize giving.

Get everyone out for that event!

Next year, the Summer league will reappear, tweaked and improved. New rule ideas:
1. The top ten scores must include five scores from each park
2. Summer league will last only as long as Wednesday rounds are viable
3. Have a separate par for each course (although this wouldn't change scores if we require five from each park).
4. Readjust pars halfway through the summer
5. ???? got any ideas? let me know.

Welcome, Dean!

We have a new player who's punched through the ten rounds required for the league. Dean's done it.

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge
Jonny Morris -36 26 39 38.38
George Aslett -20 31 40 40.68
Neal Graneau -19 23 43 43.04
Andy Cotgreave -18 37 40 41.57
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91
Steve Pearce -12 22 43 44.86
Bud Tilton -6 20 38 39.20
Pete C 2 17 47 48.53
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80

18 looks pretty high, but his number ten score is a 50, so it'll take one or two goodish rounds to pull that score right down, and threaten Pete a bit.

Kudos to Jonny for a cracking day last Sunday - 35 in HH followed by 35 in SP. A record for the 24? Quite probably, but I don't know the historical stats...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On par

FirstName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge SP Avrge
Jonny -31 24 39 38.67 38.00 39.60
George -20 28 40 40.50 39.79 41.21
Neal -19 22 43 42.91 42.50 43.40
Mike -17 34 39 39.91 39.22 40.69
Andy -17 35 40 41.60 40.89 42.35
Steve -12 22 43 44.86 43.58 46.40
Bud -6 19 38 39.11 37.90 40.44
Pete 3 16 47 48.56 48.78 48.29

First off, look at Neal! Suddenly he's found himself in third. A cracking start to his round yesterday saw his first three drives within very "gettable" distances to the pin. One birdy out of the three and a boost in confidence saw him go on to a great round.

So, what can we see from the numbers? First of all, there's a huge discrepancy between South Park and Headington Hill average scores - we are all between one and three shots better in HH than SP. Next year, on Steve's suggestion, we'll change the league to ensure the top ten must include five scores from each course.

Only Jonny and Neal have overall averages that are lower than their par. Does that mean we set the par too high, or they're playing really well? It's the latter, surely.This tally may be interesting though:

Jonny 1%
George 1%
Neal 0%
Mike 2%
Andy 4%
Steve 4%
Bud 3%
Pete 3%

What does this show? This is the percentage difference of a player's average away from their par.It means that Andy and Steve's averages are the furthest away from their par, but the people at the top of the league are closest to their par. (if we do the same stats on those with less than 10 rounds, the deviation gets pretty huge).

Conclusion? I think the pars were, on the whole, well calculated.

(sorry about the awful HTML on this - i'm still struggling to work out a quick and efficient way to copy the data from Access or Excel into a blog post...