Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No more summer :-(

George and I struggled in fading light tonight to finish a round by 7.30. That's it then, no more golf on a Wednesday evening. Not that can count for the summer league, anyway.

But what a round we had. Mainly because it became a wonderful example of psychology. I led early, but stumbled a little in the middle. George played well and steadily, and after hole 10 on HH was on par. A fine position to be in.

On the 11th tee (easiest hole in the park?) he mentioned how great a two would be. Because that would set up the final hole (the hardest) well, and give him the cushion of an easy ride on the last hole to still get a good score. Fair enough - it's a fine statement, but really, don't say such things when you're stood on a tee!

The first bit went well enough. The drive on the 11th went very well, and George set up for an easy 2, which he got, to put him one under on the 12th tee. It's all going to plan.

Only to see him drive into a tree about 15 foot from the tee on the 12th. I have never seen anyone hit that tree, and you couldn't really throw a shorter drive. The next shot was no better, ending up in a ditch with no view of the hole. Third shot? A roller which started well but turned away from the hole and ended up behind a huge oak. Fourth shot was great, and he took an acceptable, but OH SO FRUSTRATING five for a 37. 37 is still great, but the lesson is: NEVER verbalise what you're thinking. You curse it!

Anyway, I'm back from holiday. Thanks to Jonny for taking the helm while I was away. George's 37 has done him some good, but Neal can easily pip him. Here's the standings:

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best
Jonny Morris -36 31 39 38.68 37.94 34.00 39.57 35.00
George Aslett -23 38 40 40.42 39.58 37.00 41.26 38.00
Neal Graneau -22 28 43 43.04 42.33 40.00 43.85 40.00
Andy Cotgreave -18 38 40 41.53 40.75 36.00 42.39 38.00
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91 39.22 35.00 40.69 38.00
Steve Pearce -15 26 43 45.15 43.79 38.00 46.75 42.00
Bud Tilton -10 26 38 39.04 38.15 35.00 39.92 37.00
Pete C -3 23 47 48.52 48.92 43.00 48.00 45.00
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80 44.00 42.00 45.33 41.00

And I have uploaded the new version of the database and spreadsheet for you all to enjoy.


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