Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blimey I am awful

A shocking pair of rounds for me. 44 in Headington Hill and in South Park.

Terrible! How would I love to blame the squally weather, the rain, the state of my discs, the muddy tees, the bad etiquette of the others, the snappy dogs, the moving trees, the fog, my bad cold, my false leg, the enhanced gravity, or the crowds of people grabbing my discs and moving them.

No, it was all down to me being rubbish. I can't even blame the mojitos I drank last night. It was just plain poor.

Here's the standings:
FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds
Jonny Morris -36 35
George Aslett -23 40
Neal Graneau -22 28
Andy Cotgreave -18 40
Mike Ekers -17 34
Steve Pearce -15 28
Bud Tilton -10 27
Pete C -5 25
Dean Harvey 18 10

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