Friday, August 25, 2006

The end is nigh....

(this is the second post I have made today - don't forget to read them both)

With September around the corner, Wednesday nights are going to end. As soon as the 6.30 round is unplayable, 5.30 rounds will also not count.

I announced that the summer league would end when the clocks go back. That is Sunday October 29th. I think I had said that the last eligible weekend would be the weekend before, but I hereby announce that the last eligible rounds will be on October 29th, followed by lunch and prize giving.

Get everyone out for that event!

Next year, the Summer league will reappear, tweaked and improved. New rule ideas:
1. The top ten scores must include five scores from each park
2. Summer league will last only as long as Wednesday rounds are viable
3. Have a separate par for each course (although this wouldn't change scores if we require five from each park).
4. Readjust pars halfway through the summer
5. ???? got any ideas? let me know.

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