Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oxdisc 11th June

summer-league, originally uploaded by gravyanecdote.

Here's this week's action (almost: I'm missing the final round's play).

Great rounds from Jonny and Mike. Jonny got a 35, using only a Comet, on Headington Hill, which is ridiculously good. He also had a relatively easy putt on SP12 for a 35, but blew it and double putted. Still, even double-putting gave him a round of 37 which is no bad thing.

The rest of us were inconsistent!

You can download the WHOLE spreadsheet by clicking here. (don't worry about the macros, they are perfectly safe). In fact, can you let me know if this is an easier thing to do? It's easier for me to just upload the whole spreadsheet; this snapshot thing is a pain in the ass. I may just move this whole blog to my home site... Let me know what you think...

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