Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Slow going

Caretaker Jonny here while Andy is on holiday. Not much in the way of change as regards the summer league after tonight's scores (Neal - still awaiting your scores from Sunday!). I'm afraid I can't quite run to updating the database and spreadsheet links at the top of the page, but the table looks very similar to last week - as follows:

FirstName:LastName:PointsNum roundsPar:Avge

Nice to see Travis out with us in Headington Hill. We were treated to some classic Trav overarm, including the highly weird and spectacular spirally shot which goes for miles. Nice one!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The end is nigh....

(this is the second post I have made today - don't forget to read them both)

With September around the corner, Wednesday nights are going to end. As soon as the 6.30 round is unplayable, 5.30 rounds will also not count.

I announced that the summer league would end when the clocks go back. That is Sunday October 29th. I think I had said that the last eligible weekend would be the weekend before, but I hereby announce that the last eligible rounds will be on October 29th, followed by lunch and prize giving.

Get everyone out for that event!

Next year, the Summer league will reappear, tweaked and improved. New rule ideas:
1. The top ten scores must include five scores from each park
2. Summer league will last only as long as Wednesday rounds are viable
3. Have a separate par for each course (although this wouldn't change scores if we require five from each park).
4. Readjust pars halfway through the summer
5. ???? got any ideas? let me know.

Welcome, Dean!

We have a new player who's punched through the ten rounds required for the league. Dean's done it.

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge
Jonny Morris -36 26 39 38.38
George Aslett -20 31 40 40.68
Neal Graneau -19 23 43 43.04
Andy Cotgreave -18 37 40 41.57
Mike Ekers -17 34 39 39.91
Steve Pearce -12 22 43 44.86
Bud Tilton -6 20 38 39.20
Pete C 2 17 47 48.53
Dean Harvey 18 10 43 44.80

18 looks pretty high, but his number ten score is a 50, so it'll take one or two goodish rounds to pull that score right down, and threaten Pete a bit.

Kudos to Jonny for a cracking day last Sunday - 35 in HH followed by 35 in SP. A record for the 24? Quite probably, but I don't know the historical stats...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On par

FirstName: Points Num rounds Par: Avge HH Avrge SP Avrge
Jonny -31 24 39 38.67 38.00 39.60
George -20 28 40 40.50 39.79 41.21
Neal -19 22 43 42.91 42.50 43.40
Mike -17 34 39 39.91 39.22 40.69
Andy -17 35 40 41.60 40.89 42.35
Steve -12 22 43 44.86 43.58 46.40
Bud -6 19 38 39.11 37.90 40.44
Pete 3 16 47 48.56 48.78 48.29

First off, look at Neal! Suddenly he's found himself in third. A cracking start to his round yesterday saw his first three drives within very "gettable" distances to the pin. One birdy out of the three and a boost in confidence saw him go on to a great round.

So, what can we see from the numbers? First of all, there's a huge discrepancy between South Park and Headington Hill average scores - we are all between one and three shots better in HH than SP. Next year, on Steve's suggestion, we'll change the league to ensure the top ten must include five scores from each course.

Only Jonny and Neal have overall averages that are lower than their par. Does that mean we set the par too high, or they're playing really well? It's the latter, surely.This tally may be interesting though:

Jonny 1%
George 1%
Neal 0%
Mike 2%
Andy 4%
Steve 4%
Bud 3%
Pete 3%

What does this show? This is the percentage difference of a player's average away from their par.It means that Andy and Steve's averages are the furthest away from their par, but the people at the top of the league are closest to their par. (if we do the same stats on those with less than 10 rounds, the deviation gets pretty huge).

Conclusion? I think the pars were, on the whole, well calculated.

(sorry about the awful HTML on this - i'm still struggling to work out a quick and efficient way to copy the data from Access or Excel into a blog post...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today was pretty active with lots of movers and shakers in the league:

FirstName: LastName: Points
Jonny Morris -28
George Aslett -20
Mike Ekers -17
Neal Graneau -16
Andy Cotgreave -14
Steve Pearce -12
Bud Tilton -5
Pete C 3

What's the story? George takes a solid hold onto second place, and Neal rises above Andy. Steve is pushing Andy close, and Bud's slowly approaching us all, too.

Me? Well, I've been bloody awful since the British Open. I haven't shot under 40 since then, and today was truly appalling. My putting and approaching has fallen to pieces, and my drives aren't much cop either. Hum ho.

Steve hit a 40 yard approach shot on HH1 which was v nice, and George played some great golf to pull back a 2 shot deficit in South Park to win that round. Solid putting from a long way away saw off Neal's lead. Not a lot you can do against someone hitting the pin consistently from 30ft.

Monday, August 07, 2006

One one positive player left

Here's the latest:

FirstName: LastName: Points
Jonny Morris -28
Mike Ekers -17
George Aslett -17
Andy Cotgreave -14
Neal Graneau -11
Steve Pearce -9
Bud Tilton -2
Pete C 3

What can we see from this?
From the bottom, Pete's the only still in positive scores. C'mon Pete, less swearing, more accuracy!

Bud's finally penetrated the zero. (that sounds rude, and I'm sure I could come up with something facetious to add to it)

In the middle, not a lot to say.

But, near the top, George has taken equal second, and with no Mike around, George is sure to move into a solid second place.

And Jonny, well, another couple of great rounds see him flying ahead.

As for me, well, I feel like I am in a slump. I can't putt for toffee. Someone needs to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Updated files available above...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Database and spreadsheet

Right. There's two links above. One is the 3MB database. It's now got all sorts of forms you can look at to see various different stats and things. Download, open, and enjoy. If you want to see the nuts and bolts, press F11 to get to the meat of the database.

If that's not your thing, you can download the Excel snapshot. This is the current standings, and all scores. No formatting, just the data.

Feedback please.

While Andy was away...

Andy was away yesterday. While he wallowed on a train and in a faceless corporate hotel in Leeds, golf carried in little old Oxford.

I only have results from Jonny and George to add to the league, but here's the current standings (if you haven't played ten rounds yet, you're not in the list):

FirstName: LastName: Points Num rounds Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best
Jonny Morris -25 20 38.90 38.27 34.00 39.67 37.00
Mike Ekers -17 34 39.91 39.22 35.00 40.69 38.00
George Aslett -14 21 40.71 39.80 38.00 41.55 38.00
Andy Cotgreave -13 28 41.43 40.79 36.00 42.07 38.00
Neal Graneau -11 18 43.28 42.90 40.00 43.75 40.00
Steve Pearce -9 19 45.00 43.80 38.00 46.33 42.00
Bud Tilton 2 14 39.14 38.14 35.00 40.14 38.00
Pete C 3 16 48.56 48.78 43.00 48.29 45.00

I'm still working out the best way to get the data online. I've now got a nice access database that makes it easy to add scores and check stats. That's available on the link above. But I realise that sucks if you don't have Access.

I have also added a snapshot Excel file to download.

The aim is to have something that is easy for me to maintain and upload and easy for you to download. A fully sorted web application would be nice, but my skills don't stretch to that...