Sunday, July 16, 2006

Golf is best in the summer

This morning was the first time it really really felt like 'proper' summer. Sure, we've had sunshine, and plenty of warm temperatures in the last few months. We've had many days that required shorts and t-shirts. Days that made us sweat out on the course.

But today, the warmth felt that bit more settled. A day where you don't really notice the fact that it's sunny, because it just is. As we move through July and into August, this is the point at which the season establishes itself, and we relax into the warm days.

What does this mean for golf? Better scores all round for most, and a gentle breeze that assists rather than annoys. Today, I started well (how many 2's do you see on SP1?!), and then played averagely for the rest of the round.

Here's the scores:
Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -19
2 Mike -16
3 Andy -12
4 Neal -8
5 George -7
6 Rob -6
7 Dean -2
8 Steve -1
9 Pete 4
10 Bud 5
11 Dan 8

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