Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's 1am on a schoolnight

Why am I still awake? Well, I've been doing work, can you believe it?

Before a late night money-making session, there was golf. New people, new faces, and a gorgeous summer night. A slight breeze helped the discs go that extra yard and everyone managed some pretty spectacular drives on holes here and there.

The summer league score table is getting a bit hectic now that there are lots of players, but I hope you still find it managable.

The scores (there is a glitch somewhere: Mike is on -13, but for some reason the table in the sheet shows him as -12. It's too late to try and debug it now...!):
Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -19
3 Andy -12
2 Mike -12
4 Neal -8
5 Rob -6
6 George -4
7 Dean -2
8 Steve 2
9 Bud 5
10 Dan 8
11 Pete 11

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