Sunday, July 09, 2006

Headline: Ace no. 3 of the summer.

And this time, it was me! Finally, an ace on Giggsy (so named because there's a big 11 painted on the tree).

It's a hole I have doggedly thrown my beat-up JLS at, knowing that the right-fade of the disc will sink it right into the tree. Most times, something goes wrong: height, distance, release, and it misses. But today, in a strong wind, it all came right. Thwack - 3 feet up, into the trunk. Very satisfying indeed.

Inevitably, I then double-bogied the following hole.

In other news, George had two potentially great rounds. But he got an OB6 at hole 12 on South Park, the wind carrying the drive over the trees and beyond the railings. In Headington Hill a great start was wrecked by a huge overput on the 4th. Into a hedge, close to OB that left him no choice but to declare an unplayable lie and card a 7. Ouch.

Steve got into double figures on SP11 - 10 shots to get in the basket. An utter disaster.

The wind was very challenging today, but made for some great excitement.

Rank Name Score
1 Jonny -19
2 Mike -11
3 Neal -8
4 Andy -6
5 George -3
6 Rob 0
7 Steve 2
8 Bud 8
9 Pete 11

Full details on the spreadsheet (link is above)

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