Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post-tourny lack of talent

Last weekend was the British Open, so no action in the summer league as we focussed on that. With some success, no less!

But, come Wednesday, it's all eyes back on the summer league. We welcomed along Jeff, another new player, for the second week. And I suffered from post-tourney blues. Misdirected drives, missed putts, generally all a bit poor, and a weak arm didn't help.

A blistering roller on SP11 did make the round feel good though. My drive was way behind the trees that block the entrance the flat plateau. Mike suggested a roller. Well, why not have a go, the round's blown anyway. And what do you know, it went all the way to the hole. Nice.

Others had good rounds though, and now the league's getting tight.

Here's the scores:
FirstName Points Avge HH Avrge HH Best SP Avrge SP Best Num rounds
Jonny -19 39.12 38.70 34.00 39.71 37.00 17
Mike -17 39.94 39.24 35.00 40.73 38.00 32
Andy -13 41.35 40.69 36.00 42.00 38.00 26
George -10 40.89 40.00 38.00 41.78 38.00 18
Neal -8 43.19 43.11 40.00 43.29 40.00 16
Steve -3 45.18 44.44 39.00 46.00 42.00 17
Bud 2 39.14 38.14 35.00 40.14 38.00 14
Pete 4 48.86 48.88 43.00 48.83 45.00 14

(Mike, you're only on -17. There was a maths error on the spreadsheet. Sorry!)

You'll see in the above stats that there are plenty more numbers being crunched. I've moved it all into the Access DB now, so no spreadsheet updates any more. I will provide more stats.

Here are the scores I have for the last two weeks, in case you want to check I am putting the right data in:
FirstName Date CourseName Score
Andy 20-Jul-06 Headington Hill 40
Andy 20-Jul-06 South Park 44
Andy 26-Jul-06 Headington Hill 41
Andy 26-Jul-06 South Park 43
Bud 20-Jul-06 South Park 38
Bud 26-Jul-06 South Park 40
Dean 20-Jul-06 South Park 47
Dean 20-Jul-06 Headington Hill 45
Dean 26-Jul-06 South Park 45
Dean 26-Jul-06 Headington Hill 42
George 20-Jul-06 South Park 38
Jeff 20-Jul-06 South Park 53
Jeff 26-Jul-06 South Park 47
Martin 20-Jul-06 Headington Hill 44
Mike 20-Jul-06 Headington Hill 39
Mike 20-Jul-06 South Park 38
Mike 26-Jul-06 Headington Hill 38
Mike 26-Jul-06 South Park 38
Steve 26-Jul-06 South Park 43

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